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The Martello Tower with Scarecrow

  - a pleasant, industrious place by day, but the centre of
illicit activities in the haunted Romney Marsh by night.

Dymchurch is the fictional home of the Scarecrow and his band of smugglers;
but Dymchurch is real, and really does have a history of smuggling.

R.N.L.I. Dungeness

RNLB The Morrell, the first Shannon Class lifeboat arrived at Dungeness Lifeboat Station on the 21st February.

New Lifeboat

Photo © RNLI/Nathan Williams.

The latest design features water-jet propulsion to operate faster (25 knots!), and with better manoeuvrability, than propeller driven boats such as the earlier Mersey class.

At £2 million (£3.5 with launcher) apiece, Dungeness is fortunate to get the cutting-edge addition to the RNLI fleet.

Seabreeze Apartments

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Full until June - book soon for the remainder of 2014.

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Dymchurch Pictures

Dymchurch, and Romney Marsh, from Countryfile.

Dymchurch: different aspects of the village: P 1, P 2 & P 3.