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The Day of Syn FAQ

Dymchurch Day of Syn
When is The Day of Syn?

It is held on the August Bank Holiday weekend of each even-numbered year - the next one is therefore August 23rd - 25th 2014.

Nowadays it begins on the Saturday and extends through to the Bank Holiday Monday. There was, of course, no Day of Syn 2013.

What is The Day of Syn?

The Day of Syn is a biennial festival celebrating the literary works of (Arthur) Russel Thorndike - the Doctor Syn books - about the smugglers, highwaymen and pirates who infested Romney Marsh.

Over the five decades since it's inception it has grown to a
two-and-a-bit day event, and is often called Days of Syn.

Where is The Day of Syn?

The Day of Syn is held in it's natural setting of Dymchurch-under-the-Wall in the Romney Marshes, Kent. Locations include The Ship Inn and Saint Peter and Saint Pauls Church, both strongly featured in the novels, as well as The Ocean Inn at the other end of the village, and the modern Recreation Field.

Regretably it does not extend to London or France, nor Wales, the Carribean or the New World, which also make appearances in the novels!

Who are The Day of Syn Society?

The Society are a ragtag band of local volunteers, from those hardy souls who put out traffic cones at six in the morning, or fight on the beach, to the 'backstage' crew who create costumes and programmes; a gang of dedicated Syn fans. And even Doctor Syn's own church plays it's part.

The event also features invited reënactors and performers who help enlarge the event in order to raise money for charities, plus local shops, Inns and stallholders on the day.

Why is The Day of Syn held?

The society raises funds for St Peter and St Pauls church, and both local and national charities.

In addition it keeps the memory of Doctor Syn alive. We do not “remember to forget”!