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Day of Syn 2014

Dr Syn 2012 - the photos

23rd - 25th August

Dymchurch Day of Syn

This biennial event is held on the August Bank holiday weekend of each
even-numbered year, so the last one was in 2012, where we had:


Art of Syn display and competition at the Village Hall, 12 until 4 p.m.

Kid's Fancy Dress Competition.

Napoleonic era encampment.

Introduction to the local characters at Bowery Hall, behind The Ship Inn.

Parade to the Recreation Field, accompanied by the Romney Marsh Sea-Cadets.

Bank Holiday Monday 10.am - 5.pm.

"Art of Syn" display and competition at the Village Hall, 10 - 4 o'clock.

Battle on the Beach - see some 2010 photos. The Revenue men square off with the smugglers on the beach, hoping to catch them against the turning tide.

The Fête, and Craft Fair; beer and food available on the field.

At various intervals Dead Horse Morris perform, oftimes near a public house; in this instance, The Ship.

Parade through the village from the Recreation Field to the Church, where evensong is held in the eighteenth century style, attended by The Squire and Lady Cobtree, their gentlefolk guests and god-fearing members of the congregation. Ne'er-do-wells (smugglers and other riff-raff) usually repair to The Ship Inn across the road.

And the Scarecrow is never far (enough) away . . .

The Martello Tower

The Dymchurch Martello Tower (the one in the middle of the village) will be open during the whole weekend.