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Capel-le-Ferne Village Fête

With Dr. Syn's good friends (and the Scarecrow's good ememies) the First Footguards, as seen at Syn 2012.

Saturday 23rd July

And a noon twirl from the Hawkinge Flyers Twirling & Pom-Pom Team, reminiscent of the Medway Silver Stars.

The 4th Battalion Royal Artillery

More old friends of Syn whose wesite is tempoarily missing in action.

Not much point in putting the link here, then.

Syn 2014 photos - general, at The Bowery,
the Art Display and the Mummers.

I've found some more Syn 2010 photos

(And the links on that page work (now). Oops!)

Dymchurch in the National News - and the Countryfile smugglers feature.

Amos Brearly Wants You?

Zombie Movie Shoot

Not very well explained perhaps: it's the filming of the crowd scene in a zombie movie.

Volunteers are wanted to be . . . zombies in a crowd scene.

You can mug the director for a pint (whilst funds last) but cash payment is unlikely. Then again, you might get a phonecall from Steven Spielberg when the opus gets aired.

Then again, you might not.

(The lawyers made me put that in.)

If you're free on Sunday August the 7th, and fancy spending an hour dead for tax reasons, phone/text the number on the poster. You won't live to regret it.

Not exactly Syn-related, but I'd just prepped this photo:


Now Eastbourne has followed Hastings in losing it's pier,
hopefully temporarily, Deal remains the local example.

Spearfish Creek Wild West group at Damyns Hall.

What you’ll find here:

Information on the next Day of Syn, a little about the Day of Syn Society and a roster of the characters featured in the seven Doctor Syn books. (Well, four of them so far.)

The Night Riders, excise men, Dragoons and . . . carpenters; all reside within!

Eventually I will complete the character information, include daguerreotypes of the events at Dymchurch and details of the film and television versions of the books.

Hey, I’ve won an award!