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Horsebridge Arts & Community Centre

 Arts and Community Centre

I note that they have a re-designed website, which looks very smart.

Naturally they have several Christmas-inspired crafty events.

Sleeping Beauty

19 - 27th December by the Essex Group

(With 25 & 26th off for some reason)

Witham Public Hall, CM8 2DY, between Chelmsford and Colchester.


The Seabreeze apartments are one-third booked until the ides of December.

Syn 2014 - first photos.

“Approaching Storm” by Eugène Boudin.
(1864: 100 years before the first Day of Syn!)

Most apt for the 2014 Bank Holiday weather . . .


Now Eastbourne has followed Hastings in losing it's pier,
hopefully temporarily, Deal remains the local example.

Spearfish Creek Wild West group at Damyns Hall.

What you’ll find here:

Information on the next Day of Syn, a little about the Day of Syn Society
and a roster of the characters featured in the seven Doctor Syn books.
(Well, four of them so far.)

The Night Riders, excise men, Dragoons and . . . carpenters; all reside within!

Hey, I’ve won an award!