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Margaret Lockwood

Lockwood and Loder in Dr Syn

I serendipitously discovered that The People's Friend have an offer on six Margaret Lockwood films.

Sadly none of them turn out to be Doctor Syn.

(To be fair it's the boxed Margaret Lockwood Collection set, so it's not really their fault.)

If, as I would expect, you already have Syn you can get the others from Duet Offers, for a spit under twenty-five quid.

Syn 2014 - first photos.

“Approaching Storm” by Eugène Boudin.
(1864: 100 years before the first Day of Syn!)

Very apt for the Bank Holiday weather . . .


Now Eastbourne has followed Hastings in losing it's pier,
hopefully temporarily, Deal remains the local example.

Spearfish Creek Wild West group at Damyns Hall.

What you’ll find here:

Information on the next Day of Syn, a little about the Day of Syn Society
and a roster of the characters featured in the seven Doctor Syn books.
(Well, four of them so far.)

The Night Riders, excise men, Dragoons and . . . carpenters; all reside within!

Hey, I’ve won an award!